War in Sadarqa
Date 16 November ,583 - present
Location Sadarqa
Result NaN
Union Sates Military
Vajiyan Military
Burbon Military
Straur Military
Sadarqa Military
Fejaheeden Forces
Saraq Feyan Loyalist
Commanders and leaders
Union Sates Military - Col Harius Voult
Vajiyan Military - Brig Patik Furo
Burbon Military - Col Hecks Roters
Straur - Maj Patrick Lutz
Sadarqa Military - Gen Surof Ibn
Fejaheeden Forces - Mahin Ujok
Saraq Feyan Loyalist - Saraq Feyan Holy Roman Empire Count Gottfried zu Pappenheim DOW
Casualties and losses
70 dead and 100 wounded or missing
250 dead and 450 wounded or missing
Civilian Casualties
At least 320 dead, 1000 wounded, 2000 displaced