Straut Regiment
 -  Active 548 PR
 -  Country Straur
 -  Type Armed forces
 -  Engagement War in Sadarqa
 -  Headquarters  Fawls town 
 -  Size 530
 -  Role Internal security
 -  Conscription none
 -  Service age 17 - 35
 -  Service obligation 30 months
 -  Commander in Chief  Premier 
 -  Commanding General  Colonel 
 -  Regimental Sergeant Major  Warrant Officer 1 

The Military of Straur is also called as the Straur Regiment. It is the same size as a single regiment with the air component and naval component integrated to it. The regiment has also two infantry companies called the "A" company and "B" company, plus the Support company. The over all military commander holds a colonel's billet.